Thea Totes: The journey of reuse, recycle and reduce

As a sustainable clothing brand, we wanted to do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle. The rising level of plastic waste being dumped in oceans is a threat to various marine species. The plastic accumulation in their bodies and an overall decrease in fresh water bodies is a huge concern for all of us. We wanted to do our best to initiate change in people. We knew it wouldn’t be easy but it was all worth it!


We started recycling one scrap at a time, constructing and weaving each piece with care into our ‘Thea Totes’

Each ‘Thea Tote’ is handcrafted with carefully selected materials that are not only really chic but also durable. From recycled fabric to khadi, our totes are made with 100% organic fabrics and dyed sustainably. If we could, we would keep all these totes to ourselves and we all know that’s not possible. From taking these to work, to college, to out on a cute brunch date or even picking out grocery for a nice homely meal. ‘Thea Totes’ do it all. They’re honestly so convenient! Not to mention the fact that they’re putting polythene bags out of use. Join the movement with us. Be a part of the coming change and #saynotoplastic


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