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Chambray & Co. is a fashion and design house empowering community artisans. Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, they tell a story of a lifestyle which embodies a connectedness and balance with the natural world.
Most important sustainable aspect:
We started Chambray & Co. with a passion for contemporary expression of Indian crafts and from an intuitive perspective on ‘artisanal clothing’ that embrace colour, texture and fun. We design for the socially conscious global consumer, but do not compromise on the rooted, sustainability of traditional practices. The basic ideology of the brand is making sure we are not consuming way more than what we are contributing and taking care of the environment and the society so that they can continue to take care of us. We partner with and train underprivileged women in communities of Gujarat. In the comfort of their homes, the women practice basic techniques of Indian embroidery and use these skills to upcycle our products and the textile waste, to add value and to prolong the life cycles of our products.
How are your products sustainable?
As strong believers in sustainable design and working with communities, we explore wardrobe staples, through the pursuit of innovation alongside the use of India’s indigenous textiles and discards for textile and apparel manufacturing; modern tailoring that includes a respect for the provenance of craft, an awareness of individual purpose and a responsibility towards fair business practices. We strive to celebrate the versatility of Indian embroideries while gently reminding our local women of their roots and reviving their skills of needle work. We encourage responsible consumption by disrupting existing supply chains and creating an alternate closed loop system of procurement, production & promotion.
How is your packaging sustainable?
As a brand we strive to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure that we are reducing our dependence on virgin material every. In sync with our ethos our products are packed in bags made of recycled polyester. The client can use these bags to store the garments the buy from us, to store any other articles they own or as a shopping bag.


Our Review

Chambray & Co. clothing comes in a white cotton drawstring bag, arranged well inside a brown paper bag with the brand’s name and graphic. Visually, both bags are appealing and have been designed in a way to be used later as well. 
It is always helpful when brand's make an additional effort to design reusable items.
Finishing & Notions
The beauty in clothing made by Chambray & Co. lies in the detailing of their textiles. Each garment is given a lot of attention and while designing. From their sleeves to their cuff, all work is intricately done.
With button loops that are sturdy to the inside of the cuffs with panels, every decision is precisely taken to make you cherish your garments.
We got a chance to review a set of jacket and skirt along with a dress. Both fabrics were soft to touch. One was made with pure cotton and the other with denim. While we love white clothing, we always wish brands provide an inner that goes well with it.
Nonetheless, since Chambray & Co. is such a welcoming brand, if asked to customise they will be more than happy to help their customers out.
Overall Review
Overall, Chambray & Co. puts in a lot of thought into designing their clothing. From sourcing eco-friendly textiles to providing to artisans, this brand’s strength lies in making sure every aspect of their system is carefully planned out.
When it comes to their clothing, each piece is exquisite and is definitely worth investing in as they are timeless and interchangeable.

Jane Ivory Dress

Oskar Co-ord Set


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