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Clay Essentials is a conscious brand promoting the use of sustainable products using natural ingredients. They specialize in aromatic essential oils that have multiple uses and benefits. 


Most important sustainable aspect:

All essential oils are of premium quality, extracted from various plant materials like flowers leaf etc.  They are preservative free with a shelf life of upto 2 years.

Our products are packed in glass bottles and not plastic, keeping the environment into consideration.  These essential oils are responsibly sourced from their origin where they are manufactured in India 

and packed without any dilution.

At Clay we don’t just sell oils but put a lot of focus and “soul” to help consumers choose the right oils & 

help you soothe senses and provide mindful and effective healing with all natural products. We are soon planning to launch body mists and body oils. 

How are your products and packaging sustainable?

We strive to reduce our waste & promote reusing used paper for packaging.  The delivery boxes are filled with shredded (used/ waste) paper instead of plastic bubble-wraps! 

Our tapes are also made of paper and not plastic. We are trying to reuse all of our packing materials to send across our deliveries.


Our Review





Vetiver & Tea Tree Essential Oils
Clay Essential’s oils are extremely well made. All our reviewers have had positive feedback and no skin issues. Each oil was used in multiple ways. From blending with aloe vera for bedtime routines to using in a diffuser. Both oils are great for skin as well as other uses. The Founder was kind enough to answer all queries asked by reviewers.
Clay Essential's packaging is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. Each product is tightly packed, comes with an additional dropper and care care with caution messages as well. 
Overall Review

Clay Essentials is one of those brands who think every step through. From quality ingredients to pleasing packaging. Each aspect is curated well to give the customer a feeling of luxury. Not only is their product great, their work around sustainability also adds to their brand value.

We would definitely recommend using these essential oils. You can choose from their range of other oils and diffusers as well.


Our Founder recommends their Rose, Lavender and Lemongrass oil!


Vetiver Essential Oil


Tea Tree Essential Oil