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Deyga is a natural skincare and beauty brand. They produce organic and natural products sourced from Indian farms. Their products do not contain SLS, SLES, Parabens, MEA, DEA, TEA, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Ethoxylates and Silicones.
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With the optimal use of natural resources 70% of delivery packaging is done with eco-friendly boxes made of cardboard and glass. Deyga uses no synthetic harsh chemicals in its products making them pure, natural and organic. The products are cruelty free and handcrafted. Deriving its inspiration from the principles of Ayurveda Deyga Organics has been a brand successful in awaring the people about the importance of using natural which clearly reflects in its customer base. 
An active participation as a 'Collective Social Responsibility' Deyga has guided its customers towards a pathway of owning a 'kitchen garden' during the lockdown which would not only benefit them with pure and chemical free vegetables but also help them amidst the various calamities that can mark a void in the market for several reasons. 

Passing with flying colors in every aspect of sustainability Deyga Organics never comprises on the quality of products. 


Sustainability is the only way towards development that upholds the future of this planet. Deyga Organics efficiently works on the three pillars of sustainability namely economy, environment and society. Only natural and organically cultivated raw materials are accepted by all means during the manufacturing process of all the products. Deyga is an Indian homegrown brand that never misses the opportunity to reciprocate the environment with uplifting the country's economy by making available its products worldwide. 4500+ trees have been planted by Deyga till date.

Our Review

Beetroot Lip Balm
The Beetroot Lip Balm comes in a tin container. We used the product for a few days. The lip balm ended up being quite effective in terms of moisturizing. Like any other lip balm, the product has to be reapplied every 1-2 hours depending on your skin. In terms of smell, there is no artificial essence added to make the balm smell a certain way. 
For helping reduce dark lips, we will continue to apply the product and update our review in a months time to see the difference. 
Aloevera Gel
Deyga's Aloe Vera smells like natural Aloe Vera, the distinct smells goes away once its applied to the skin. Once applied the skin quickly soaks the gel in without leaving a sticky surface which is great. The product was tried on combination skin. Aloe Vera Gel maintained the moisture on the facial skin for upto 12 hours. It's a great product for the humid weather as well.

Aloevera Gel

Beetroot Lip Balm