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Functional by Nidhi Goenka is a design studio offering modern and practical products for home. For them, sustainability is a prerequisite.
Most important sustainable aspect:

At Fun/ctional, sustainability is a pre-requisite with anything we make. For us, while design of the product comes first, the design is always based on sustainable foundations.

We follow the principle of Cradle to Cradle, ensuring that all parts of our products can be separated and either be reused/recycled or upcyled, which is the most important aspect to us. We also strive for the highest quality to make sure our products can last a long time which we believe is often a sustainable aspect that gets ignored.

How are your products sustainable?

One of the primary materials we use for our products is cork which is a natural, eco-friendly material. Cork grows on the bark of trees that can be harvested without ever cutting down the tree. Cork then regrows on the same trees and can be harvested over 16 times through its life span, making it one of the most sustainable materials with incredible natural properties. It’s high impact resistance also makes it quite durable and ensures a longer life for the products.

How is your packaging sustainable?
Our packaging is pretty straightforward. We use simple cardboard boxes (often by recycling other packaging boxes) for shipping and tote bags for local deliveries. We don’t use any plastic except for minimum taping. We also send e-tags and e-care instructions (attached “cork care” and “thank you”) after the items are delivered and hence use paper only for necessary cushioning of products during transit.


Our Review

Overall Review 

Functional products are minimal, classy and sustainable. The brand names says it all. Which a lot of products lose their way in aesthetics, Functional has managed to make the plain look beautiful. We reviewed their Tray, Planter and Notebook.


The Medium Tray is a minimal piece to have around the house. From using it on the bedside to on the coffee table, the bare cork texture adds to the look and feel of the room. The size is apt for keeping personal items or two cups of coffee. Great for early morning teas or evening coffee sessions.


The Cork Planter is a again made of cork and will give your plants the attention they need. Its light in weight and can easily be transported from one room to the other. Would be a great piece to have on your window or desk.


Functional’s Cork Diary is a great option for people who love to collect stationery and be sustainable at the same time. The simple exterior and plain interior is great for creatives to pen and sketch their ideas wherever they are.


Overall, Functional is an interesting brand that understand form and function well and gives you exactly what you need. From home accessories to basic essentials, they can make your minimal dream come true. For a brand that gives you style and sustainability, the price range is just about right.

Matka Planter

Cork Notebook

Couple Tray


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