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Fun/ctional is a Calcutta based creative design firm that provides modern and ethical alternatives to everyday products that are playful, practical and meaningful to the user.

We believe that modern India wants fresh and fuss-free products that fit with their active lifestyles.

They want products of utility that are
well-designed and create a sense of
calmness in their spaces.

At Fun/ctional, we have adopted the
concept of Cradle to Cradle, a design
philosophy inspired by nature in which
all parts of a product (can) go back
to the ‘cradle’ and are either reused,
recycled or upcycled.

The founder, Nidhi Goenka, conceived Fun/ctional as a means to create products that offer a fresh perspective on our understanding of good design. While studying in Parsons, New York, she was inspired by the Bauhaus Movement of 1919 which strongly believed in ‘truth to materials’, or in other words, using materials in its most
appropriate and “honest” form.

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