Our Story

Pasithea: the Greek goddess of relaxation and meditation.

For us, comfort with care is everything.

At the core of Pasithea is the intention to create clothing that is comfortable to wear and gentle on the earth.

The world of Pasithea is one of relaxation and wonder that you can escape to morning or midnight. Our working philosophy is very simple, tongue-in-cheek, yet effective, “If it is going to itch, you’ve got to re-stitch.”

We are committed to creating clothing that champions Indian heritage textiles. Our journey over time helped us find the right partners. Sourcing 100% organic and fair trade cotton and silks from a GOTS-certified factory (Global Organic Textile Standard) in Rajasthan, we also love working with khadi, linen and recycled textiles.

Our in-house team of tailors as well as ethical suppliers help us fashion apparel that is creative, comfortable and caring. It is important to us that all the men and women in the Pasithea family feel as much joy in making the clothes as you do when you wear our label.


Welcome to the family!