Journey of Juicy Chemistry with Megha Asher

Juicy Chemistry was co-founded by husband-wife duo Pritesh and Megha Asher. Both completed their studies from Griffith University Australia. Soon after, Pritesh joined his family business that manufactured industrial automotive lubricants. Meanwhile, Megha on the other hand, had a short-lived career in Journalism. Right after her studies she started her own clothing label. In 2014, Juicy Chemistry was born. With a goal to provide effective skin care products formulated with the purest and the most nutrient rich ingredients the nature has to offer.

Not all ingredients mentioned on the label can be understood by customers, how do you make it easier?

To make our labels customer friendly, we ensure mentioning the common name of ingredients along with their scientific names. We also mention the exact percentage of ingredients that are derived from organic farming which usually lies between 95 to 100%.

There are various brands that green wash customers into believing they’re sustainable. What is your advice to customers?

The only way to look through green washing is to do your own research. We always encourage our customers read the labels carefully and reach out to brands in case of any queries. That is why we're very active on our social media forums and make a point to answer all the questions that come our way.

Switching to organic products from commercial ones is always tough. What made you realize it was necessary?

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions." Being someone who has personally suffered from problematic skin for the longest time, I came to realize that all the skin treatments and commercial products offered only a short-term solution. That's when I personally decided to shift to organic lifestyle and that lead to the birth of Juicy Chemistry.

Tell us about your bestsellers and why customers love it?

Our face care and hair care products are doing rather well. Our facial oils are big fan favorites. They can be used to treat problems such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring, dryness, signs of ageing and acne-control among others. Our lip butters, particularly our Blood Orange Lip Butter, as well as our toners, particularly our Bulgarian Rose Water Toning Mist, are doing well too.

In the hair care category, our shampoos and masks are a big hit with consumers. Our Chilly, Black Seed and Horsetail Hair Oil has done particularly well. We’ve received great feedback from our consumers on the positive results they’ve experienced from consistently using the hair oil.

The top 40 of our products make up 80% of our revenue.

Which skincare product do you think is the most harmful, one you would recommend people make the switch immediately?

It has to be the fairness products. The idea that ‘fair’ is the only beautiful is what we need to break through as this stigma is eating away our youth’s confidence. Skincare is not about color; it is about healthy glowing skin!

Now more than ever, making mindful decisions and supporting conscious brands has become important due to COVID19. Do you think this pandemic will change consumer behavior?

Yes, the pandemic has made all of us realize how our everyday little choices have a bigger cumulative impact on the Earth. The consumer today is rapidly evolving and making a conscious shift to sustainable living and the future will witness a huge positive change in consumer behavior.

Tell us about your recycling system.

Our recycling program is a joint effort wherein our consumers play a vital role. They send us back their product empties and we collectively send them for recycling. In order to appreciate the efforts of our consumers, we credit reward points to their accounts which they can redeem for future purchases.

How do your manufacturing units manage waste?

Our manufacturing processes generally utilizes the complete raw material and hence we do not have a lot of waste remaining at the end. More than 90% of our waste is organic in nature and is used to make compost. The leftover vegetables and fruit pulp from our production is used as animal fodder.

Building a sustainable brand, following all parameters, getting certifications and so on is a very long process. What can we learn from your journey?

Perseverance is the key and your intention make all the difference! We started out with just 5 grands and a Facebook page. We strongly believed in what we were doing and left no stone unturned to introduce sustainable organic skincare into this industry in its entirety. Certifications are rigorous and expensive but they help us ensure and relieve our customers that when they choose JC, they choose unadulterated, clean, sustainable organic personal care products.