Naina Ruhail On Clean Beauty For Men & Women

With a defense background, Naina Ruhail finished her schooling from Army School Pune, Maharashtra in 2007. She went on to complete her graduation in BCA from Sinhgad College, Pune and MBA from Apeejay University, Delhi. Henceforth she acquired 7 years of professional experience in marketing and branding. Meanwhile, she developed a strong passion for beauty and this drove her to become a well-known international beauty influencer. She motivates thousands of women each day. To provide a strong pillar to her beauty enthusiasm, she pursued professional makeup and styling at the London School of Makeup and London School of Styling. She aims to establish an incomparable and yet trending e-commerce platform with a concept of clean beauty through Vanity Wagon.

What was the intention behind starting Vanity Wagon?

During my time in the UK, I came across Clean Beauty and got exposed to the benefits of using organic and natural products. The ease of availability made it a cakewalk for me to switch from toxic to clean skincare. But on my return to India, I found it extremely difficult to get access to Clean Products, as there was no dedicated platform nor was there any information on Brands available. This unfortunate experience ignited the idea of Vanity Wagon.

Further, the market research and various other studies proved tremendous industry growth and also a very promising environment for a brand like Vanity Wagon. In September 2018, I along with Prateek Ruhail and Sahil Shrestha founded this company. The idea of Vanity Wagon is to bridge the gap between the consumers and clean beauty products. We have curated a one-stop destination for consumers, who are always on a lookout for organic, safe and natural products.

With summer around the corner, what are some easy beauty hacks that are a must-know?

I love using a half-cut tomato patted on with some sugar, on my face for about 3-5 minutes. This tomato DIY not only exfoliates and brightens-up the skin due to Vitamin-C, it also prevents free radical formation as well due to the presence of lycopene. Filled with Potassium and other antioxidants, tomatoes address skin dryness issues and protect against UV radiation.

I love to work around with honey for my skin and hair. The enzymatic and anti-bacterial properties of honey prevent acne, fight signs of aging, fade away scars and nourish the hair as well.

When not in a foundation mood, I dab on a bit of concealer from Ruby’s Organics and then goes on to complete my look with some compact powder along with my go-to lipsticks from Disguise Cosmetics. For people with imperfect contouring skills, I suggest placing a visiting card in the middle of the cheeks and just brush over the top edge, to get that contoured look!

I recommend using a white eyeliner to highlight the brow bones, inner corners of the eyes and cupids. For those fuller and sultry lips, don’t forget to apply a lip-liner mostly at the center of the lips.

Tell us about your currently trending products.

Juicy Chemistry is the most popular brand over all. In terms of the most popular products amongst the masses, we have Bye - Bye Blemishes Face Cream for reducing pigmentation and blemishes with Mulberry Extract & Vitamin C from Mama Earth. Papaya and Lemon Brightening Skin Serum from Ilana Organics. For make-up, vegan lipsticks from Disguise Cosmetics and Foundation from Ruby's Organics are a must have. And definitely worth a try, Goat Milk Shampoo by Vilvah Store along with Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum from Neemli Naturals.

What is the average shelf life of clean beauty products?

All products on our portal are of organic/natural/ayurvedic origin. Therefore, the average shelf-life varies between 9 - 12 months. The products with minimum shelf life are mostly from Juicy Chemistry, starting from 6 months.

We hear about trending products for women all the time, tell us about your male shoppers?

The product which sells the most in terms of men categorically is Mama Earth's Root Restore Hair Oil. And our male buyers do like to hop on the brand Raw Nature as well.

What is the future of beauty products for men?

It’s all about grooming nowadays. This fact might seem aboveboard, but let’s face it, whether it's an interview, a date or even a social gathering, we are being continuously judged. The men of this generation are evolving at an incredible rate. With increased disposable incomes and that urge to copy their favorite Bollywood stars, they are constantly conscious about their looks. In terms of changes to the appearance, sagging in the lower eyelid area is significantly more severe for men after middle age. It’s also worth noting that men have more skin issues as compared to women. Perhaps, this situation has motivated many of the brands to curate products for men.

Hence our statistics suggest that men's products have a long way to go and up-coming years will see a great boom in male beauty products.

While everyone is indoors, people are applying and buying fewer products. How do you think it will affect the beauty industry?

Yes, the pandemic has taken a toll on the beauty industry. But since we are an ecommerce portal, we’re less hit and people are still shopping sitting in the comfort of their homes. Currently, we are largely attempting to meet the essential needs of our customers and trying to ensure deliveries to maximum locations. However, once this lockdown is over, things should hustle back to normal.

How do you think consumer behavior will change post COVID19?

In countries heavily impacted by COVID19, consumers are stockpiling food and other essential items while isolating themselves from crowds. But we don’t believe that a drastic change will come to the consumer's ordering pattern post COVID19. Because beauty has been an age-old hobby of mankind for centuries. Whether you talk about Cleopatra bathing in rose water for anti-aging purposes or Indians using besan and sandalwood to remove their sun-tan, the beauty business is unstoppable. People are largely choosing to do various DIYs. But when normalcy is restored, people won’t have time to do these DIYs. They will look-out for efficient and quicker solutions. And we’ll provide them all, quick and chemical-free alternatives. Also, there might be a major spike in sales after the lockdown period is over. Because obviously, people would like to restock their favorite skincare and cosmetic items.

What is the brighter side of this pandemic?

Sometimes harmful things can be beneficial too. This might be a worse situation for the global economy. But on the environmental side, the pros are many!

While taking a break from pollution, nature is healing in itself. Clearer sky, clean rivers and seas, near to extinction animals on the streets, the environment is showing its true colors.

On the social side, the virus allowed us to reconnect with family. We now spend more time at home, especially with schools off, in addition to working from home. Also, quarantine life is acclimating people to more sustainable ways of living.