NASO: Sustainable perfumes by Astha Suri

"Born in 2020, NASO is India's very first green perfumery. At NASO, our formulations are carefully curated with exquisite ingredients from around the world. 

We want our customers to formulate their signature scent by offering the largest pool of ingredients to understand what suits their skin and their personality perfectly. All our ingredients possess healing properties and affect your body and mind."

— Astha Suri, NASO

What do you mean by “green” perfumes?

We blend all our perfumes in our in-house distilleries. Over the span of a year, we've extracted pure oils from seasonal herbs, spices, flowers, and greens. The base of all our essences is the Natural Indian 'attar', which makes all our perfumes free of all synthetic and artificial essences. We also offer The NASO Lab as a service where you can create your signature blend. Your scent is the most intimate part of your outfit and it reflects your personality and your mood. We aim to expand our customers' palettes by helping them understand their formulations in-depth and be conscious about the planet at the same time. Our motto is an affordable luxury, something for all. Therefore we offer our scents in a variety of sizes and products; candles and perfumes.

NASO is a brand that believes in zero tolerance for waste. Thus, our perfume production and distribution process is 100 percent sustainable and eco-friendly. From extracted waste being converted into compost for plantations to rainwater being harvested at the farms, the brand runs an entirely clean and environmentally-conscious production cycle. Solar panels are another way for us to maintain our green promise to the Earth. NASO has also been encouraging  reusability through the #NASORefill programme for our perfumes and pure soy wax candles.  Moreover, our experts use recycled plastic and paper for product packaging.

Tell us about your best-selling fragrance and what goes into making it? All our ingredients, such as rose, jasmine, lavender and eucalyptus contain healing properties and create a mindful aura inside-out. Our essential oils and their rich aroma help to aid insomnia, calm anxiety, improve focus and increase concentration. 

Our bestseller - Musk Saffron Amber and Tamarind Bergamot, is made with natural saffron and tamarind extract rich in healing properties amalgamated with Italian bergamot and Hungarian musk form blends that ease the mind and smell fabulous.

NASO lets you customize fragrances and personalize it. What’s your favorite blend?

The Basil and Jasmine scent is formulated using the natural extracts of gardenia, Indian Jasmine and the white of the lily. It contains an underlay of Italian Basil with hints of Indian Basil. The underlying tones of Rose Oud in the scent play an integral role by forming a grounded approach to the exotic flavors of Basil & Jasmine. 

This scent is strong yet delicate and reminds us of our mother. The Mogra takes us back to our mother's aura and the essence she carries in the summer. The familiarity of this fragrance is especially strong for Indian daughters and does more than just making you smell good.

A scent is an ongoing catalyst for your environment and your personality.

In trying times such as today, the formulation will help to make you feel tranquil and at peace. It creates the perfect atmosphere for work from home, where the Basil extenuates your aura and makes you alert and feel fresh. It'll help you to focus on ongoing projects and re-energize to start new ones. The Jasmine contains sedative effects and helps you to create positive vibrations by spraying it on your body or around your room.

Over the past two years, NASO has committed itself to becoming a pioneer of sustainable green perfumes. The first-of-its-kind initiative is enriching the overcrowded marketplace with heal-and-feel-good body and home products. So, in case you love to have a beauty and decor stash while remaining responsible towards the environment, it may just be the most reliable option for you.

The brand also enables you to formulate your own signature scent by offering a range of exquisite ingredients. This allows you to customise your buys according to your preference and take home something that fits your personality like no other ready-to-use product. Additionally, the healing properties of their aromas, that affect your mind and body, add to the relevance.

What is the difference between NASO's green perfumes and commercial ones?

Our blends are divided into light and dark flavours. Our light scents include NS7// Lemon Rose and Mint, NS8// Basil and Sambac and NS9// Tamarind and Bergamot, which form essential blends that help you focus while being attentive, assertive and calm in a work atmosphere. Zesty Lemon, Peppermint and tamarind help us to increase attentiveness and be active. Also, Digestion and Muscle injuries can be cured by merely rubbing the above on areas of ache. Our dark flavours include NS10// Black pepper in Cedar-wood oil, NS11// Musk Amber and Saffron and NS12// Oud Mud. They offer an intimate edge to the collection 101. They contain soothing properties that help calm the nerves, deal with anxiety and stress issues, balance blood pressure issues. A tinge of spraying the perfumes on the inner side of the elbow's, wrists and neck affect faster. 

Essential bases, healing powers, its gender neutrality as well as green stature makes it a class apart luxury to own - differing from our perfumeries.

What are some traditional values that are imbibed in NASO’s philosophy?

Being a visual artist born and raised in Lucknow, I notice the world as my own. An interior architect and stylist by profession, I believe in freedom of expression and delivering an essence of the rich cultural heritage of the country. This reflects in my very first venture of a green perfumery, which began last year when I moved back to India.  With a wealth of knowledge about places, people and their predilections, understanding the need of healing in today’s world, and inspired by the power of fragrance, I decided to channel my creativity and leverage my family’s 60-year presence in the perfumery business to create a brand that heals and heightens the sense of self.

Our country is so rich in its cultural and traditional heritage that we sometimes forget to do justice to our roots. From product to practice, I feel it is very much the responsibility of the youth of the country to plan for a more sustainable world. The fashion, art, architecture and design communities in the country have begun to share a similar ethos – one of maximum durability, sustainability, quality and utmost care. I believe the essence of Indian oud, attar, flower, herb and spice is so rich that sometimes price points eliminate a large chunk of people from being able to access the luxury.

We at NASO would like to illuminate as many houses as we can across the globe. Everyone should be able to access this luxury and, hence, affordability is what we bring to the table. Our fragrances are a way to find the best in you. Join our vision and find your unique scent, one that speaks to you.

NASO scents are gender-fluid. How did you curate that?

Gender Neutrality and breaking gender biased behaviour came from the very beginning. We refrain from division of gender in terms of smell and thus work with ingredients which are a classic in any ones wardrobe for example - rose, jasmine, lavender, musk, amber are classics that fused with herbs generically smell good. We want to follow the whoever can smell like whatever. They like philosophy - where most girls I know love man smells and vice versa, and it's not a bad thing! Due to no gender behind our smells - I have had more men wanting Tamarind than any girl and more Girls wanting Musk than any man and this is growth with pallet fusion.

Each of your fragrances have healing powers. How important is this aspect in today’s

day and age?

Aromatherapy is a proven form of healing. NASO’s Indo-Italian fusion of ingredients connects the East with the West, blessing you with a heightened aromatic experience. We make use of raw herbs and spices India has to offer. Be it the classic red rose, blissful sandalwood or scintillating mogra, we pair the evocative scents with Italian bergamot, neroli and eucalyptus, to name a few.

Healing is a process that starts from within, and NASO believes it’s the little things that make the journey worthwhile. People often exclaim how a scent can transport them back in time. But NASO also promises to take you forward, and be your partner at each step of the way. This distinct cultural fusion of raw ingredients and essential oils, paired with the unique approach, brings you signature blends that are fierce when it comes to the aroma, but still comfort the mind, body and soul. We create scents while being mindful of the power they carry, and promote the unique healing qualities of each of them. To give you an example, Lemon Rose and Mint enables you to be more attentive, providing a boost of energy, whereas Musk Amber and Saffron helps you fight off the feeling of stress and anxiety. Refrain, if you can, from overwhelming your aura with high percentile alcohol-based sprays, and choose NASO’s essential oil-based perfumes. Our brand guarantees a lasting feeling of serenity.

While you’re not occupied with NASO, what do you do outside of it?

Currently NASO is on my mind 24/7, considering it being only 6 months old, but I do manage to find time to destress and pick up on my other passions whilst taking a break. I love painting - I am currently working on an artwork by Palazzo with my Grandmother. Cooking is something I am getting better at by the minute, this lockdown has definitely given way to more creativity in the kitchen.