What Is Inside your Denim?

Indigo dye is extracted from a plant. At first is green and gradually turns blue when it comes in contact with air. Originally, denim yarns were dyed with natural indigo. Indigo being one of the oldest herbal dyes, was grown all around the world. Denim was dyed using natural indigo until the demand for denim increased and synthetic indigo was created by Adolf von Baeyer. As synthetic indigo became cheaper to produce economically, the demand for natural indigo died down.

Denim Facts You Need To Know About

Indigofera tinctoria, the leaves used to produce indigo grows largely in El Salvador and India.

Water required to produce the dye can be reused to water crops, whereas synthetic indigo made of petrochemicals results in toxic waste.

The first coloured jeans were produced in indigo blue and brown cotton.

From one cotton bale, 15-225 jeans can be made.

Stretch denim or as we call it skinny jeans is not purely made of cotton since it has elastane in it.

It takes 1500 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans.

Jeans are ranked as one of the least friendly clothing items.

Brands Making Sustainable Jeans In India:

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