What Is The Future Of Spider Silk In Fashion?

(Image Courtesy: Bolt Threads, Stella McCartney x Bolt Threads Collaboration)

Biodegradable textiles are the future of fashion.

Bolt Threads, founded by Dan Widmaier, David Breslauer and Ethan Mirsky in 2009, engineers the next generation of high-performance fashion fibres. Using technology, they have sustainably replicated the process of spider silk production. Silk fibres produced by spiders are known for their elasticity and durability. By studying the entire process and the DNA structure, Bolt Threads managed to make the same proteins without using spiders.

Traditionally, silk is produced using silk worms. While silk worms can be domesticated and are easily available, spiders don't survive together in the same environment. The argument as to whether silk is sustainable or not has been highly debatable. However, synthetic spider silk is completely sustainable and biodegradable. While designers and companies try to figure out the best use of spider silk, Bolt Threads has previously partnered with Patagonia, Adidas and Stella McCartney to test their fibre out.

Using fibre replication techniques, Bolt Threads is capable of producing different proteins that can replace multiple fabrics and create a sustainable textile production process in the long run. Along with MicroSilk, the company is also known for Mylo and B-silk Protein. Mylo is made using mycelium cells by engineering it to assemble into a supple yet durable material that has the potential to biodegrade and can replace real and synthetic leather. B-silk Protein is produced via fermentation and has the ability to biodegrade as well. Using B-silk Protein, Bolt Threads launched their first skin care product called Eighteen B, a hydrogel moisturiser.

Textiles like cotton, polyester, wool, silk and others take a long time to make. Every stage of production is a long process and takes years to complete. Whereas Bolt Threads has managed to make similar textiles like Mylo within days. While the possibilities of textiles produced using new age technology is limitless, it is upto the apparel industry to adapt them.

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