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Satt Naturals is a 100% cruelty free health and beauty brand. With a range of natural essential oils and beauty products, Satt combines ancient Ayurvedic techniques to produce products that are relevant today.
Most important sustainable aspect:

We constantly try to be sustainable and keep coming up with creative ideas for the same. Right from the product to everything around it, including the delivery experience.

Our constant drive to be sustainable is according to me the most important sustainable aspect as I believe that sustainability starts from the thought of being sustainable. Our main focus is environmental sustainability while maintaining the aesthetics of the product. 

How are your products and packaging sustainable?

Our products come from natural sources and no processing is done after extraction. They are then carefully packed in tiny glass bottles for consumers to enjoy. The primary packaging is made out of wood for majority products and the remaining are packed in natural jute bags. The information pamphlets are printed on recycled brown paper. Our products are then packed in cardboard boxes. We do not use bubble wrap made out of plastic. Instead, we use paper based bubble wrap. When the box is finally packed, we use paper tape instead of plastic tapes to seal the delivery box. Apart from being sustainable ourselves, we firmly promote sustainability.
We are introducing an insert in our delivery boxes going forward where it will tell people how they can reuse our boxes including the delivery boxes as to promote them to be environmentally conscious. We also ask them to be creative and share ideas with us to enable us to be more sustainable every day and reward them for the same!


Our Review

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 
Packaged in a wooden box, accompanied by an instruction manual and list of uses. 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil was combined with Jojoba Oil for hair by one reviewer to improve hair quality. After 5 washes, our review noticed changes in their hair.
Jojoba Oil
The product was tried on oily as well as combination skin. 
Considering it's oil, our reviewers were expecting their skin to remain greasy, surprisingly, the oil got soaked in easily and left a matte texture. 
Jojoba Oil was used on the face to clear blemishes, body and hair for hydration. Positive changes started to show up after 2 weeks of regularly applying. 
The packaging is eco-friendly as it comes in a jute bag or wooden box with a care pamphlet.
Overall Review
We trust a brand like Satt Naturals to give you better health. From giving an insight into the workshop to sending products in the most eco-friendly manner, Satt insures every measure is taken to create a sustainable brand.
Our reviewers used Satt Oils for hair, skin and uplifting their mood. Each reviewer came back with a positive response with nothing to complain. A brand that makes cruelty-free products, ensures safety and is open to answering every question customers have, is a brand worth exploring. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Jojoba Oil


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