Green Sole

Greensole  is social venture refurbishing discarded shoes into comfortable slippers and donating them to the children in need, contributing to environmental good, by keeping non-biodegradable shoes out of landfills, social good, by giving basic necessity of footwear to the people in need and protecting them from diseases contracted through unprotected feet, and economic good, by giving employment to refurbish shoes. We also retail eco-friendly footwear, towards building a self-sustaining social venture. Our vision is to get a pair of recycled footwear on every foot.
Our retail range is handcrafted with sustainable materials. Moreover, the funds from the sale of our retail range help us in our larger vision of putting upcycled footwear on every foot.

Greensole started its journey in the year 2013 when the two founders - Mr. Shriyans Bhandari and Mr. Ramesh Dhami thought of converting the intact soles of quality sports shoes into trendy slippers. The effort has brought a smile to more than 3 lakhs beneficiaries so far.

We have received appreciation letters from Sir Ratan Tata and former President Barack Obama and have been featured in over 100 media channels including the Vogue magazine, BBC, Bloomberg, 

Forbes, CNBC among others.

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Ethical Rani

We exercise mindful design and production to create juttis which are vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable! In our jutti embroidery, we make sure that we won't use threads that are directly or indirectly harming any animal or nature. 


We try to create chic and ethical juttis for the style and savvy and socially conscious modern women.

We recognize that we are not perfect but we strive to continue to increase our efforts to minimize our impact on plants and animals while making sure that people don't have to sacrifice beauty and elegance when they choose cruelty-free Juttis.


We are the alternative that goes towards the sustainable world.

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