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Ilana Organics

At Ilana, we believe in everyone being their beautiful self. We encourage you to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Our mission is to constantly churn wholesome skincare made with meticulously sourced ingredients that exceed your expectations. We source all our high-performance ingredients from Ecocert and trade safe certified farms around the country. We are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that pack a punch in its effects. If it isn’t green, it isn’t our way. Our products are all-natural and without any adulteration to nullify the effect. We maintain high standards for quality and formulation, provide professional opportunities to semi-skilled workers and strive to be ethical in every process. Being progressively ethical for the betterment of personal skin and hair care and the environment is what sets us apart. To be gentle on the environment is to be a part of the Ilana fam. A staunch no-plastic rule, use of eco-friendly boxes and non-toxic ink makes our packaging 100% eco-friendly! Locally sourced ingredients = A smart decline of time, energy and fuel consumed to reach our warehouses.

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R Zizhi

'ZIZHI' means homemade. Our products are not 'just' cosmetics, they are a holistic way of treating the skin as a whole. What makes us unique is not only the organic/ natural aspect of our products but the part of it being freshly made at home. Our products detoxify, nourishes and rejuvenates one inside-out. By being more naked about the unusual ingredients used, we are trying to create an awareness that handmade organic cosmetics are anytime more risk-free than any expensive branded products. Call it sustainable or plastic-free or go-back-to-nature, we have it all. What you eat, you can apply!

R Zizhi by Ipshita Gupta is making an effort to reconnect man with nature by continuously researching and introducing new products (addressing the issues related to skin and hair) by using unusual ingredients that are not only edible but are also beneficial for the internal body system.

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RAS Luxury Oils

Mother Nature is a treasure trove of beautiful secrets, and Ayurveda discovered a lot of them. RAS (pronounced ‘ruh-us’), which means ‘essence’ or ‘happiness’ in Sanskrit, is a glorious amalgamation of these well-kept secrets with aromatherapy, designed to bring you the best in wellness and skincare!

With every drop a promise of purity, we can proudly say that our products are 100% natural and organic!

Our Philosophy stems from the desire to enchant our patrons with products
containing only the ‘ras’ of nature and

nothing else.

Being the first ‘farm to face’ skincaree
venture in India with our own farms and research lab, we make available the luxury of a beauty regime in the form of 100% 
pure, natural products!

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Deyga is a natural skincare and beauty brand. They produce organic and natural products sourced from Indian farms.