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Sparrow is an affordable clothing brand for women based in Delhi, India. They use breathable and natural fabrics, work with artisans and provide fair working conditions. 
Most important sustainable aspect:

According to us sustainability is equal to longevity. Where fast fashion brands are providing us with products that wear out quickly, we as a slow fashion brand, focus on creating products that last because of their quality.

We make sure that each product that we create is crafted with patience. We also aim to make most of our pieces versatile so that they can be styled differently and can be worn a lot of times.
How are your products sustainable?

We make sure that the raw materials that we use in our products are not harmful to the planet. For fabrics, we only use 100% cottons, handwoven cotton linen, lyocell among others. We try our best to incorporate this in our trims too, using only wooden buttons, or making them ourselves with leftover fabrics.

We also make sure that minimum amount of waste is generated by producing only the amount of stock that is needed, working mainly on a per order basis and using leftover fabrics to create products like bookmarks, scrunchies, fabric pouches and now face masks.

All our workers are being paid fair wages and they work in a well lit, hygienic place.
How is your packaging sustainable?

Our packaging material consists only of paper, cloth and jute. We replaced bubble wraps with reusable fabric pouches, plastic tapes with jute ropes and paper tapes, and plastic bags with paper envelopes. Though the envelopes are laminated from inside to prevent wear and tear, we are constantly working to find new ways of packaging and eliminating that amount of plastic too.


Our Review

Sparrow products came to us in a tote bag, stitched seal. Once we opened it, each piece was wrapped in paper, tied with a burlap jute rope. Attached to it was a thank you card.  There has been a lot of thought put into packaging the products in an eco-friendly manner. The shipping bag and tape used to send across the parcel was also paper. Sparrow has completely avoided the use of plastic in its packaging, which is something you don't see in every brand.
Finishing & Notions
From using cloth and wooden buttons to thread tassels, Sparrow has tried their best to stay away from unsustainable materials. 
Along with that, the tag was made using handcrafted paper with a jute string. 
The brand has been careful with detailing to make all aspects as conscious as possible from product to packaging.
We reviewed Sparrow garments made with Lyocell and cotton. The fabric was soft to touch and very light in weight. While the Lyocell was thicker, the cottons need a slip.Their white dress had a slip, however transparency was an issue and the wearer needs be careful about what they're wearing inside. 
We would suggest the brand uses heavier fabrics for their slips or customers need to wear ideal inners. 
Overall Review
Our conclusion is that Sparrow is a young brand who is taking all measures to keep sustainability at the forefront. Their working conditions and openness to share their practices helps customers get a closer look at the brand and connect with them.
It's always important to shop from a brand that is honest and transparent while being conscious of their materials. 
Sparrow is a brand we would recommend to people who are looking to shop from a brand that is ethical, eco-friendly and conscious of the need of their customers. 

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