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TreeWear's aim is to create products that are good for people as well as the Planet. For trees that are being cut down, TreeWear aims to create awareness, plant brand new trees & make innovative eco-friendly products to help you make the shift to a greener, more natural lifestyle with ease.
Most important sustainable aspect:

The most fundamental sustainability aspect of the company is our commitment to helping plant trees for every product we sell because we believe that trees are our first line of defence against the ongoing battle against climate change.

How are your products sustainable?

We make our products using locally sourced natural ingredients, & they are responsibly handmade by our group of artisans. We avoid the use of plastic in our packaging & try to ensure that our packaging is either recycled or recyclable. We use eco-friendly, zero-waste materials to send out our customers' orders & ensure that we do not use excessive packaging to prevent excess waste. Lastly, the tree contribution helps in offsetting our customers' carbon footprints to minimize any negative impact on the planet.


How is your packaging sustainable?

We avoid the use of plastic wherever possible, both in the product (e.g. the cardboard deo tubes, aluminum lip balm tins) & outer packaging (cardboard, newspaper, & paper tape to secure the products during shipment). The deo tubes are compostable after use, glass & aluminum containers can be reused.


Our Review

Overall Review
Treewear products are made with pure and high quality ingredients. Each product is packed used eco-friendly materials without incorporating the use of plastic or waste in any manner. 
The deodorant, lip balm and insect repellent have all been recommended by our reviewers, especially the deodorant.

Lavender & Sage Deodorant

Grapefruit Lipbalm

Insect Repellent


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